Kacey Fifield – Keep Summer Going (Review & Stream)


Kacey Fifield is just as ecstatic as everyone else when it comes to the amazing feelings that summer brings, and it shows through this high-spirited track called ‘Keep Summer Going’. Kacey shines bright with her vocals throughout the song, showing off this uncanny ability to draw fans in with her youthful sound. 

Who doesn’t want summer to continue, especially if the vibes of summer sounds something like this? With this track having this blissful sound, you get to hear Kacey get lost in the bubbly feelings of the beat. I love how simple the song is content-wise, as Kacey pleads for summer to extend so that she can continue to be in this addicting solace. you will love Kacey’s vocals, as she keeps it simple yet exuberant enough to give off this energized feel.

These are the type of songs that you will love to hear on a summer night.

Click HERE to hear the song.



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