Mase is sampled just as much as the greats.

The song definitely has a smooth tone to it, as it takes the general musicality of ‘Tell me what you want’ by Mase.

About 70 Percent of Tyga’s lyrics on this song is inspired by Mase, something that I am a bit conflicted about (you can’t just steal the mans s–t, especially considering that he’s the Penny Hardaway of rappers (aka legendary, but not really). Tyga is very playa-like with his words, as he aims to get this bad joint back to west side!

Ty Dolla Sign still hasn’t blown his nose since 2013, but that is fine, because strangely this is a song that sounds good with a singer sounding like they haven’t blown their nose. (dig deeper into the music people!)

i guess the song is ok….I wasn’t quite blown away, which means I’m staying my ass here in Kalamazoo, Michigan Tyga.