I’ve never been excited to recycle anything in my life, but after I hear Video 4.0’s demanding voice say ‘Recycle Dat’ over and over again, I am thinking twice about throwing my empty coke can out the window.¬†

‘Recycle Dat’ is nothing less than EDM gold! The song contains all the explosive elements of a party track, pumping you up to do any type of back straining dance that is out there.

I’ve always felt like the most important¬†thing to establish in a song like this is energy, and the energy on this song is fiery! Aside from that, I think Video 4.0 is spot on with his delivery, knowing how to deliver his words in a way that will resonate with listeners.

When a scrawny little white guy asks you to recycle, you ignore it; when a big ass black dude says it, you better get that ass up and recycle!