Grace Freeman – Oliver (Review & Stream)

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Grace Freeman is a folk singer that will absolutely stun you with her sparkling voice. In this beautiful song called ‘Oliver’, Grace finds ways to tinker with her voice in a way that brings out overwhelming emotions with every line she delivers.

With the instrumental giving off this dreary feel, Grace takes advantage of it by giving off this chilling performance vocally. What I find most amazing with her singing is her youthful style, as it kinda reminds me of a child finding ways to fiddle with a bunch of pitches and notes that are laying around. Graces sound is one of the more astonishing ones I’ve heard to date.

With such a spectacular voice, it is vital that Grace compliments it with top notch lyrics, and she does that here. Throughout her verses, Grace delivers these words that are extremely thoughtful, As she details this sentimental relationship between her and someone named Oliver. The more you hear her speak, the more you are forced into her world of endearment, which will result in unrelenting emotions to derive from your soul. I can easily see this song being one that invokes tears.

The highest I can rate this is 5/5, but it definitely deserves even higher than that!


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