Bob Pepek – Take Me For Me (Review & Stream)

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‘Take Me for Me’ is a heartfelt track from Bob Pepek in which he implores listeners to accept him for the man that he is today.  With the song being a very relatable one to listeners, Pepek was able to create a gem that gives individuals the perfect example of someone being comfortable in their own skin.

I like the soothing tone of the instrumental, as it gives off this relaxing vibe throughout; Bob matches the tone of the instrumental by using this very calming approach vocally. I admire Bob’s demeanor on the song, as it gives off this whole ‘sigh of relief’ feel.

With the song being a very personal one for him, Bob took his time in coming up with the right words to use to accurately describe himself. While he names several flaws throughout his verses, he still sings in a way that sounds optimistic enough to make this feel like a joyful song. All in all, the words that Bob chose to use were exact, telling me that they came directly from the heart.

It is always a pleasure hearing an honest track like this.


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