ChrisDaCEO – The Boss With No Morals (Mixtape Review)

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ChrisDaCEO’s name speaks for itself, as he is known to boss up every opportunity he gets. With his focus on the money, eye on the women, and mind on alert for the haters, Chris is determined to make it big and tell the world about it through this brand new mixtape



  1. COMMENT CREEPIN (4.1/5)

On song number 1, Chris adds a verse to Wiz’s sly track called ‘Comment Creepin’. Chris definitely matches Wiz’s slick demeanor on his verse, letting listeners know that he’s that guy that your favorite rapper wants to emulate. I like his punchlines, especially how effortlessly it’s coming out on this song.


‘2 Black Tinted’ is a trap song by ChrisdaCEO that has this very amped up sound that hip hop listeners will enjoy.  It definitely has club potential, as the beat is both heavy-hitting and high in energy.

I like Chris’s demeanor on this song, as he raps with this confidence that confirms that he’s a potential star in the game. Chris uses his baller status to carry him throughout the verse, as he outlines a number of things us normal people do not have. Overall, his part is both appealing and catchy to me.

Misa kills his verse, as he raps with this sick ass flow! I like the fight in him, as he comes across as a true underdog on his part.

The last verse is the most aggressive one, with Chris getting a lot more animated than the first verse.You can tell both rappers motivated each other to go harder, resulting in this friendly competition between the two.

3. BACK THEN (4.6/5)

‘Back Then’ is a slowed up version of the legendary Mike Jones track with the same title.

I’m f–kin’ with this track hard, as Chris uses this thunderous approach to wreak havoc on his enemies. While he is pretty belligerent on the song, he still manages to hit us with several different flows that showcase his superior rapping ability.

Chris doesn’t mind being the villain on this song at all!

4. C.T.F.U (4.5/5)

‘C.T.F.U’. is the perfect anthem for anyone that is down to do several reckless things in the next 10 minutes.

This is a fast tempo beat, and Chris keeps up with it by laying down his lyrics pretty quickly. I like the energy Chris has on the song, as he convinces all listeners to be just as savage as him.

I think Chris absolutely nails the melody on the hook! He definitely made some s–t that was hella catchy.

5. KILLLAND (4.3/5)

‘Killand’ is like the hip hop version of a horror movie….If you aren’t hiding under the bed by the second verse, you are as tough as they come.

There is a lot of violent talk on this song, with both rappers terrorizing listeners with their gory lyrics. Chris starts the song off, letting fans know about his street ways in a vivid manner. Much like a gangsta would do, Chris outlines how he is planning to torture his foes, reminding them about all the experiences he has being this evil muthaf–ka. I like the aggression he uses on his verse for sure.

Much like Chris, EC Marv reps Cleveland and is unapologetic about what his city has made him become. throughout his verse, he makes promises to take care of the people that aren’t rolling with him on his way to the top.

This is definitely a hot anthem for their city of Cleveland.


On ‘Can’t Take This From Me’, Chris gets his harmonizing on, as he sings this mellow song about the distrust he has with the strangers around him. While he sounds a bit bothered by them, he definitely has a remedy to fix those aches (I’ll give you a hint….it involves violence).

Chris definitely hits us with a consistent flow on his verses, doing a pretty good job at finishing his bars.

I’m not sure what happened at the end, but I’m sure it’s an indication that he’s remorseful for something he did (or is about to do).

7. NOBODY (3.8/5)

This is actually a heartfelt song by Chris in which he proclaims that he doesn’t need any help when it comes to moving around in these streets. Songs like these display lots of humility from him, giving a glimpse into his real life.

There is a lot of harmonizing from Chris on this song, and it is masked by some real n—a lyrics from him. I can definitely see the talent/versatility from him on this song.

8. ONE NATION (3.9/5)

‘One Nation’ starts off with this news report that claims that a bomb from North Korea is scheduled to hit America (Aw hell naw!), but I don’t have to worry, I am on the East Coast somewhere. Anyway, with such a dark intro, you knew that this was going to be a track that Chris kicks asses on, and he surely does with his relentless bars.

Blow after blow Chris delivers, as he aims to approach the track like a ruthless terrorist. You can feel the aggression from him, as he blacks out on the mic like he took a fifth of vodka.

The end of the track is hilarious! Who whooped that mans ass for talking reckless?


‘Murder Scene’ is exactly what you expected: A song that has this mobbin’ feel attached to it.

Chris is absolutely ruthless on this song, as he is determined to chastise his enemy’s girl. The song plays like a movie, with Chris telling a vivid story of payback and the cover up that comes with it. The song is extremely riveting, with a surprise at the very end.


10. RAP SLAUGHTER (4.1/5)

‘Rap Slaughter’ has Chris rapping like the old days where all the cats would sit on the corner telling random stories. The song sorta has this ‘A Millie’ feel to it, as the bars just flow from Chris from start to finish.

Thank GOD for a little bit of fun from him on this track, cause I was pretty shaken up by the last song!

11. MARCO POLO (4.7/5)

‘Marco Polo’ has Chris having some more fun on a track, as he drops a song that is both catchy and lyrical.

I think it is pretty interesting how Chris was able to mix in a few hood lessons with his flossing talk on this cut; at one point he even tells women that their man is going to leave them a single mother if they keep messing around (Tough love man…..Touch love!)

The flow that Chris is rapping with on this song is his best on this Mixtape (point blank period)

12. DON JUAN (4.5/5)

Chris lets all the naysayers know that he is not bothered by what they say, as he raps aggressively over this fast paced trap beat. My guess is that Chris came into the studio ready to kill all competition, because each bar he drops is nearly flawless on his verses.

I like the fact that Chris focused all his energy on his verses, because I enjoy a good target practice song like this..

13. B.B CAPTAIN (4/5)

This is a smooth yet trill track from Chris, as he raps with this tongue-twisting flow that has a phenomenal bop to it.

Both King Quawn and J.E. Da Weirdo play Chris’s partners in crime for this song, feeding off the perfect setup the hook provided. While they do not follow in the mobbin’ footsteps that Chris established, they still rap with the same strut that Chris has.

This song is literally the definition of killing them softly.

14. FERRAGAMO (4.5/5)

Ferragamo’s are pretty expensive shoes people! Chris has decided to rock them on this song, making me feel all insecure about the Cole Haan’s I’m wearing right now.

With Chris displaying many different personas on this Mixtape, this might be my favorite, as he shows off his ability to put together the most luxurious outfit out there. While a good chunk of this song consists of swagged out harmonizing, he does have a few hot ass bars for the haters too.


You know who ChrisDaCEO reminds me of most? 2 Chainz! I feel like both rap artists have this flair to them that is hella amusing to listen to. Much like Chainz, You can tell Chris believes highly in himself when he raps, which results in not only confident bars from him but genuine ones too.

For the most part, the beats on this Mixtape are perfect for the street-inspired MC to rap over. Chris takes full advantage of the major appeal that trap songs have garnered lately, Establishing the perfect MO for fans to attach to. To me, the beats are definitely one of the gems from this Mixtape.

I think this is a good body of work from Chris, as he showed us just how versatile he could be as a street rapper. While majority of the Mixtape consists of trap songs, Chris found a way to make them sound a little more unique then the ones you hear on the radio today. All in all, I believe this album is a treat to rap fans everywhere that like a good ole fashioned story from the bad guys point of view.

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