MADEINTYO – Long Socks, Bookoo Baby & Babye Bawse (Reviews & Streams)

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MADEINTYO is prepared to release his first real called ‘Trues World’, and yesterday night he blessed us (Or maybe even cursed us) with 3 new songs to hold us down until then.



LONG SOCKS (3.6/5)

‘Long Socks’ sounds a lot like ‘uber Everywhere’, as MADEINTYO spits with the same elementary-like flow. The song is really short, with TYO lovin’ every minute of his wavy lifestyle.


On ‘Long Socks’, MADEINTYO was a little somber sounding, but on this one he’s trying to flex on n—as hard! Though he’s little in stature, that doesn’t stop him from moving n—as out the way through his exuberant lyrics.

Damn n—a, this s–t sounds like the other song! Can we get our money back?


‘Baybe Baw$e’ is the longest track of his three new releases, and it is the most Migo-est.

Lots of people know of MADEINTYO’s ties to Toyko, but this song shows just how influenced he is by his hometown of Atlanta’s music. MADEINTYO stunts like no other on this track, shining over the nursery inspired production. Dude is known for his catchiness, and he excels in it here.

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