Ricky Jarman, the shining heart-throb hailing from North Carolina has gifted us with a sensational pop hit with ‘Magic’!

Have you ever heard a song that makes you feel like you’re the hottest member of a 90’s boy-band? If you haven’t, listen to “Magic” and watch the music video. Although Ricky Jarman’s vocals are reminiscent to Justin Timberlake’s, this catchy dance tune has an instrumental that gives off an ’80’s vibe overall; to me, it sounds like a Xaphoon Jones production which is even more reason to love it!

Jaye Bullo breaks it down and builds it back up in his featured rap verse. What I like most about his verse, is that he even pays homage to one of the Bad Boys when he raps one of my favorite Ma$e lines: “Still the same old pimp, you know ain’t nothin’ changed but my limp, can’t stop ’til I see my name on a blimp.” All in all, he dropped a nice complementary verse that worked for the song.

The music video fits the song perfectly! It features a hypnotist that transports Ricky to a magical land full of mythical characters, one being his love interest who happens to be a captivating genie. The video is just as entertaining as the song is catchy!