Aaron Beri is a singer/songwriter that hails from Australia, and he’s ready to show the world his talents on this new album titled ‘Avalanche’. Though Aaron is only a young adult, you can tell he has this affection for vintage music, as his style is very reminiscent of the R&B music of the 80’s. With this new single ‘Connected’, Aaron is able to channel this sound that will make you feel like you took a blast to the past.

Aaron takes his time in laying down his lyrics over the sensual production, showing listeners his ability to sing with some very soothing vocals. Everything about his approach is passionate, as he attempts to serenade his woman with an abundance of powerful words.

Aaron tries his best at hammering home this message of connection to his lover, as he eventually creates a hook that gets stuck in your head. I like the simplified approach he used with his lyrics, but like the overwhelming joy you can hear in his voice even more. There is no doubt that Aaron is infatuated with his love on this song, creating one of the more romantic songs you would hear today.