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Trae Tha Truth – To Late (Ft. Post Malone) (Review & Stream)

Why does Trae Tha Truth always have sick ass features on his songs? Is this n—a’s agent Magic Johnson?

Post Malone can do no wrong on choruses to me, and his boisterous style on this song is exactly the setup someone like Trae needs. Post definitely shines bright on this song, as he’s allowed to be his free spirit self. I love that I don’t see white rapper when i think of Post.

Trae actually spits hard on this song, doing his best Bone-Thugs-N Harmony impression. His words are real, and he is a little more animated than usual. I see you Trae! Actually giving a song something we can enjoy.

I don’t mean to be the grammar police or anything, but isn’t ‘TO’ supposed to be spelled ‘TOO’? Ahhhh f–k it, I don’t care anymore!



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