Elliot Schneider – The Moon Has Flown Away (Review & Stream)

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Elliot Schneider’s musical resume is longer than the line at the DMV, and it is full of improbable/amazing stories that I am positive will blown your mind away. Through all his experiences, Elliot was able to make some timeless music, in which we are blessed enough to see make its way in to 2017. With his new single ‘The Moon has Flown Away’, Elliot once again delivers, creating a song that feels like a blast to the past where America was carefree and I wasn’t born!


You know what I find the most unique about this song? Is how Elliot was able to meet the fusion of the beat with this radiance each step of the way. Though there is no vision that is provided with this audio, the song still makes you feel like you’re lost in this wonderland, as you let Elliot take you on this journey full of colors, sandy pastures, and most importantly rebellious notes. If you aren’t inspired to research the wonders of the world after hearing this, you aren’t accustom to hypnotizing.

Never one to shy away from honest thoughts (Please read his amazing bio), Elliot keeps his thoughts authentic, and authenticity resonates with me 99.9% of the time.

I love this song, and will utilize its vibes as I go through another dull day in the office!


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