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It’s not hard to tell that Novel “Hooly” the GOAT has next, and that is mainly because he has this style that is as versatile as any rapper I’ve heard today: Whether it’s his excellent delivery on the mic, boisterous sound on club records, or street-inspired lyrics, you get this appealing sound from Novel that comes across as 100% authentic to me. With these 11 tracks below, you get a chance to preview the future of rap, as Hooly is ready to impose his will on hip hop fans worldwide!



1. LITBOI (5/5)

‘Litboi’ is that one track that mixes Novel’s lyrical skills with his club-making one.

This song is all about its tempo, with Novel riding the wicked beat flawlessly. On each verse, Hooly is as concise as it gets lyrically, as he does a good job in describing what he’s all about.  Novel also shows lots of animation throughout this song (particularly on his ad-libs), as he attempts to get listeners to follow his LitBoi movement.

2. TRUST (5/5)

This is one of the first tracks I heard from Novel, and trust me, I was blown away by it.

Novel absolutely murders this song, as he raps with this Caribbean style that is very reminiscent of Kim on ‘Lighters Up’. You will thoroughly enjoy Novel’s presence on this song, and soak up the passionate bars he is able to spew out with each line.

How about Novel’s singing at the end? I swear he sounds like some of my favorite reggae artists from the past.

This song is easily one of my favorites this year!

3. YAMM THANG (4.7/5)

‘Yamm Thang’ is a high energy track from Novel that is sure to get people dancing in the clubs! If you like songs like ‘ Watch me Nae Nae’, or ‘Stanky Leg’, then you will like this one even more than that because it is more lyrical.

Novel is extremely vivacious throughout both his chorus and verses, as he delivers these boisterous lyrics over this hyped up beat. In a very clever way, Novel associates his street mentality to some of the most famous dances of all time on this song, connecting the two very accurately. By the time you finish hearing the song, you will feel like you heard a track that was both some street s–t and actually entertaining!

4. WHO AM I (4.5/5)

‘Who Am I’ is one of the realer tracks by Hooly, as he raps over this very emotional beat. Novel is pretty dynamic with his flows on his verse, spitting out lyrics both quickly and heinously. All in all, I love the street s–t he’s talking about on this song, and definitely like how he prioritizes his every bar.

Sicc Flowz actually has the first verse on this song, and he feeds off of Novel’s energy effectively. Much like Meek, Sic raps with this youthful sound that is still able to maintain its street roots.

I like the collaboration between both artists, as they do a good job of providing this heavy hitting tracks that streets can absorb for 3 minutes.

5. DEM BOYZ (4.4/5)

This is the ultimate mobbin’ song, with Novel rallying all of his soldiers to roll with him on this target practice that is aimed at all the haters.

Novel opens up the song with this amped up verse, demonstratively spitting out some lyrics that will get your heart racing. I love his flow on the song, as he spews out words rampantly over the dramatic beat.

Bino has the second verse, and he matches that consistent flow that Novel was rapping with on his verse. While Bino is a little less animated than Novel (He’s actually pretty chill), he still drops this tough ass verse that consists of some excellent wordplay.

Sicc Flowz has the last verse, and he sorta mimics Novel’s verse in terms of energy. You can tell Sicc is having fun with the beat, as he effortlessly drops bars about his flossin’ ways.

Doesn’t this track remind you of some old school No Limit s–t on the chorus? I’m feelin’ the vintage sound for sure!


‘Hooly High Harmony’ starts off with Hooly glamorizing his chopper, which means listeners should expect a ferocious track in which Hooly is ready to talk his street s–t.

This song has a slow pace to it, with the production sounding a bit fantasy-like. I think Hooly approached the production appropriately, as he harmonizes majority of his lyrics. Though Hooly’s vocals sound pretty pleasant, he still comes with the heat lyrically, as he dares anyone to test his temper.

7. CHOPPA DOWN (4.6/5)

Hooly loves his chopper, so it was simply a matter of time before he dedicated a whole song to it.

Novel teams up with Bino for this track, and they created this intimidating record that is pretty lyrical.

Bino has a good chunk of the responsibilities on this song, as he lays down the first verse and delivers this tough ass chorus. Bino tends to rap with this laid back style, and he does that here mixing in street s–t with a little bit of flossin’ talk.

Novel hops on the track like a Pitbull, throwing out bars both quickly and heinously. Lyrically, Novel makes it clear that you never want to test a dude with a chopper, describing the terroristic thoughts that he wants to inflict on his foes.

8. STILL LOVE ME (4.7/5)

‘Still Love Me’ has this Zaytoven-like sound production-wise, with Novel singing about his concern with the people around him still being down for him. You can hear the passion, and thoughtfulness in his content, as he seeks answers to some very tough questions.

This is one of those honest tracks in which Novel gives listeners a chance to see his thoughts as he navigates through fame.

9. FRE$H (5/5)

In my opinion, only two people can make a track like this and be successful: Meek Mill, and Hooly Da’ Goat!

The aggression on this song is real, as content-wise Novel explains why he’s so motivated to succeed in these streets. Content-wise, you get a good combination of street lyrics and infectious punchlines from him, as he aims to bully these other rappers for their number one spot.

With a lack of street rappers in the game nowadays, music like this should catch your attention for sure!

10. THIS RIGHT HERE (4.4/5)

‘This Right Here’ is the perfect hood anthem, as Novel dedicates a song to all the real ones out there.

I think Novel is at his best lyrically on this song. The way Novel’s rapping is very appealing, as he carefully lays down lyrics that are easy for the riders to rap-a-long too.

His style is very reminiscent to Pac on this song to me, as he has that ability to demand the listeners attention when he speaks like Pac did.

11. YOUNG ASS KIDS (4.5/5)

‘Young Ass Kids’ is this dramatic song by Novel in which he tells several stories of the kids in the streets. The production is pretty cinematic, as the base of the song consists of smooth drums and riveting piano notes.

Despite the gentle beat, Novel doesn’t hold back in his lyrics at all, telling both horrifying and agonizing stories galore. I like Novel’s approach to the track, as it is smooth but still assertive enough to reach into the listeners souls.

If you like storytellingm you’ll like this track.


I am feeling this album ALOT! Hooly shines bright in every type of way on it, as he knows how to keep real hip hop fans interested every step of the way. While his animation is usually the element that sticks out the most to me, I also think his willingness to bring back this violent/street rap to the forefront is refreshing. Hooly truly doesn’t care what others think, and rebellious thoughts like those usually catch listeners attentions in the long run.

Look out for more from Hooly in the near future, as ‘Litboi’ is prepping to make its way on to the major streaming services soon. I’m looking forward to the young up-and-coming rappers ascension in the game!

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