Thunderbolt & Lightfoot- Let’s Be Friends (Review & Stream)

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If acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and balmy melodies are your thing, then you really don’t want to miss out on discovering Thunderbolt & Lightfoot.

If you don’t know Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, they are a folk duo from Kalamazoo, Michigan that consists of two independently talented musicians who merged their skills together to create some beautiful music. With Sarah Fuerst and Phil Barry both having made their mark in the music industry prior to forming Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, their indie sound is reminiscent of Elliot Smith but better because of the harmonization between the two. “Let’s Be Friends” is the first track listed on Thunderbolt & Lightfoot’s second album “Songs For Mixed Company“, and it is the perfect representation of what the duo does well.

The acoustic guitar in this song is delicate, and the lyrics are very touching. With the songs acoustic instrumental allowing us to hear the artists vocals with clarity, the duo took full advantage of the sound by providing us with beautiful words throughout.

The guitar solo at 2:10 really elevates the songs charm to me! Although it is not a long solo, it is absolutely breathtaking. Any band whose gentle tunes can help me take a moment in my day to relax and enjoy the world around me is a win in my book.


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