For the first official single off of Derric Gobourne Jr.’s new ‘Supremacy’ album, the singer produced a sound that is so unique that I think he needs to be applauded for it.

Can you believe this song was made this millennium? Yea you can emulate any sound you want in music, but to be able to literally sound like the classic R&B groups of yesteryear in every single aspect is hella impressive! Kudos to this man for his resurrection skills.

Let’s focus on the content of this song: in the 80s, singers were a lot more romantic with their lyrics, distinctively mixing in gigolo inspired lyrics with lyrics that focused on the tender care of their lovers; I feel like Derric nailed this combination masterfully on this song. The words Derric spits not only cater to the woman you want to pursue, but I think it can also work for the woman you are currently with too! (First singer to kill two birds with one stone in a while)

All in all, this song is a lot of fun for many reasons: enjoy it for its nostalgic feel, enjoy it for its infectious dance vibes, and most of all, enjoy it for its effective lessons on how to please these women the right way!