Hip Hop

Macklemore – Marmalade (Ft. Lil Yachty) (Review & Stream)

Macklemore continues to bring music out sans Ryan Lewis, and in all honesty, the beats he’s selecting sound just like Ryan Lewis produced beats.

This song sounds a lot like Broccoli remix, so of course Yachty is catered to kill it (And he does). He starts the song off, and he gives us this long extensive verse that is perfect for the song.

Macklemore has the second verse, and he does a pretty good impression of all the Lil Whatever’s in the world. His lyrics are goofy, they are auto-tuned up, and very present day sounding.

Yachty takes the song over at the end, showing off some more singing skills. His part is tough, and one that he pretty much gets lost in.

Never would’ve guessed this collabo, but at the same time, Macklemore is definitely used to making tracks like these.




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