LaZy – Jesus (Review & Stream)

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LaZy is so confident in his skills that he decided to name this track ‘Jesus’! While that might be a ludicrous statement to many, the way he raps on this track will definitely make you believe he can work at least a few miracles.

Production-wise, this song has this old school southern sound to it, mimicking the club beats that Three Six Mafia used to rap to in their heyday. From start to finish, the beat will have your heart racing, as you suddenly get the urge to find the best twerker in the nearest vicinity to grind on.

The bars are coming out rampant on this song, as LaZy relentlessly drops these hood-inspired lyrics through this consistent flow. I get the feeling that LaZy’s out to prove something to all his listeners, as he lets us know some of the things that represent what he’s all about (getting money, mobbin’, trickin’ on women, and hustling his way towards success). You just feel the hunger in his voice, reminding me of a young up and comer that is going full throttle in the opportunity that they were given.

Lazy is getting to the money, so he can’t be that LaZy right?


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