EsZ – Woke Up, Hands High (Review & Stream)

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EsZ is one of the more clever artists in the game, especially when it comes to mixing in a myriad of styles when creating a song. On ‘Woke Up, Hands High’, EsZ shines brighter than ever, as he provides us with this adventurous tune we can all vibe with.

I love EsZ’s style on the initial phase of this song, as he reminds me of this down to earth individual that loves describing everyday thoughts in this unique way. When he raps, EsZ sounds laid back, but at the same time he gives off this gleeful energy that you will find highly appealing.

Just by first listen, I can tell EsZ is a dynamic artist by the way he is able to switch his style of rapping from catchy to kill-a-rapper-esque. While EsZ is capable of making the type of music you hear today, he is also capable of taking that music to a new horizon by attaching a bunch of other sounds together to it (Which is what you get from this song). Al in all, this dude is talented!


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