JP Kazadi – Push (Review & Stream)

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JP Kazadi has some very heroic vocals, and he uses them to motivate on ‘Push’.

JP really takes his time laying down each line on this song, telling me that the subject matter at hand means a great deal to him. Each word he speaks sounds like it came from the heart, and the slow/repetitive style he delivers the words in tells me he wants them to resonate to listeners all over. This is a very effective way to get a message across.

This song mostly excels in its catchiness: You’ll find yourself singing along with JP throughout, as he does his best to get the crowd to participate in his optimistic views. While this may not be the biggest club banger, I can see this song serving as the perfect anthem when it comes to does dull/unmotivated days we have from time to time.

This song mixes in this laid back feel with some passionate vocals seamlessly. Not only is it a feel-good song to me, but it also has this timeless sound to it that I find very unique.


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