CerVon Campbell – Illuminati (Review & Stream)

This track has a little bit of everything to it: Caribbean vibes, darkness, trillness, and a little bit of conspiracy!

CerVon is very blunt with his words on both the verses and hook, which I think sounds dope over the top 40 beat. What I love most about this song is the emotional rollercoaster that Cervon puts listeners on: one minute he draws you in with this somber sound – then in another he gives you this upbeat vibe… By the end of the song, you feel like you just heard the breakup, makeup, and breakup between CerVon and his loved one

I don’t throw the word artistic around a lot, but I think in this case that word perfectly describes this track. Cervon does his best to incorporate his honest thoughts into every line he delivers, and to me, he comes across as this young adult that has no problem telling listeners about his unfiltered thoughts. I f–ks with that style of music, which is why I gotta hear more from him down the line.


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