Busta Rhymes shows off his Jamaican roots on this song, sounding like one of those big ass dudes that make beef patties at your favorite Jamaican restaurant down the street.

You cannot emulate Busta Rhyme’s energy on this song, as he sounds excited as s–t that he might have the next best rap-reggae song. While majority of his raps are in patois, you can still hear that classic Busta in his delivery.

Vybz Kartel is in jail, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hop on a song sounding clear as s–t (Jamaican jail sounds dope as hell). As expected, Vybz sounds the best on this song, mainly because his reggae contributions sound the most natural.

Though short, I think Tory Lanez part completes the song. On it, I feel like Tory plays that high pitched Jamaican that Shaggy usually relies on perfectly.

You know why this is a club hit? Because Busta said so like 5 times on the song.