Scott Kirby – Love Is Just (Review & Stream)

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There are few musicians out here that are more dedicated and passionate about their craft than Scott Kirby!

Hailing from Northern Wisconsin, Scott Kirby has done just about everything to grace us with his tunes. Scott performs over 200 shows a year, and has performed at venues like the House of Blues, The Overture Center’s Capitol Theater, and Hard Rock Cafe. Additionally, Kirby has been a street musician in Nashville, TN, and has jammed on the subways of NYC.

Love Is Just” showcases Scott Kirby’s melodious gruff vocals, and highlights his affectionate and romantic lyricism. In terms of the instrumental, the acoustic guitar playing in the background gives the tune a gentle feel, further adding to the soothing tone of the track. All in all, Kirby is not afraid to be vulnerable and honest on this song, something that is very refreshing to hear.

This indie folk rock singer and songwriter is turning all of his dreams into reality, blessing us with his highly unique sound.


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