Sammie is one of those child singers that I never wanted to grow up… Welp, this song lets me know that that notion was wishful thinking

When Quavo talks about the same flossy s–t that Sammie is talking about on this song, it sounds dope as hell! when Sammie talks about it, it sounds depressing and awkward. I can’t tell if Sammie is happy or suffering on this song, which causes confusion to my already weak mind. I will say this though, Sammie does a helluva an impression of The Weeknd.

Rick Ross can care less about the sappy tone of the song, he is here to ball! I feel like the song needed a bossed up verse from Renzel, and they got a bossed up verse from Renzel.

I would say I feel sorry for Sammie, but have ya’ll heard Drew Barrymore’s life story? She was an alcoholic by the age of 9!