Lil Durk – Goofy (Ft. Future & Jeezy) (Review & Stream)

The irony is real: On Durk’s single ‘No Fear’, I stated that he sounded a lot like Future on it – A few hours later, he literally drops a single with Future (Twilight Zone anyone?)

Gather up all the real ones for this one, as this song has this hood rallying cry to it that makes you want to line up with your soldiers. Future provides the explosive hook that the song needs, huffing and puffing like the late great wolf.

Durk is on that serious s–t on his verse, throwing shots at his enemies galore. There is no harmonizing from him at all, just tough talk that is street certified.

Can we agree that Jeezy has one of the most gangsta voices in hip hop history? I don’t even care what he says on his raps anymore, I just want to hear ‘YEAAAAA’ and ‘HA HA!’ from him.

My n—a Goofy gets love in the streets.



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