I saw a special about mobs on TV last week, and it was so serious that it was on National Geographic (I’m not b—s–ting you!)

The instrumental on this song is dark, it’s unfriendly, and has probably been charged with attempted murder. Zoey hops on it first, and he raps with this gutter ass sound that lets the people know that no games are being played around him.

Thugger is always down for some hardcore s–t, and his animated style usually makes for interesting street records. On this song, Thugger comfortably talks about the reckless life he lives, making sure to give examples of some of his acts along the way.

Durk’s part is short, but falls in line with what Zoey was trying to accomplish. Out of all the dudes in the industry that moves like the mob, I think Durk tops that list.

I feel like all three of these dudes ain’t afraid to do 20 to life.