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Rick Ross – Can’t You See (Ft. Bruno Mali Kidd) (Review & Stream)

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You know how many times I said to myself: “Rozay and Bruno Mars got a song together?” I think I need some glasses guys! Ya’ll know the number to that damn owl from America’s best?

I f–kin’ love this instrumental, especially when they did those BET Cyphers on it back in 2013. Rozay was one of those rappers that did a cypher to it, but it was nothing like this… On this version, you get a better flow, more boss s–t, and an overall cockier demeanor from him.

Bruno doesn’t sound pleasant on this song, he sounds like a certified crackhead that is asking for money (aka not a kidd). His rhymes are pretty damn impressive though, as he shows off this effortless ability to rhyme very similar words together (I’m such an excellent writer!).

Is it safe to say that Rozay is the closest thing we ever had to Biggie? I mean he’s FAR apart, but I think it’s fair to say.


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