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Melissa Finder – Hold Me (Review & Stream)

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Melissa Finder can reach each and every vocal range out there, and to me, it comes across as easy for her. While you will find her single ‘Hold Me’ to be enjoyable to listen to for its soothing tone, you will also spend most of your time praising her astonishing vocals.

This song has such a vintage feel to it, reminding me of some of the major radio hits from back in the 80’s. With an impassioned instrumental, Melissa glides through her verses with this fiery approach that literally jumps out of your speakers. From beginning to end, Melissa doesn’t waste one ounce of breath on the song, singing each and every line like her life depends on it.

This song is phenomenal, and one that I think can inspire R&B artists such as her self to think outside of the box.


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