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3 Web Tools All Music Lovers Will Like to Know

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So many good songs and melody can be found these days, from the top hit Despacito which had been featured in many languages up to the latest T-swift songs – all are the top songs on every music lovers’ playlist. It is fun to listen to and at the same time, people would also go for a soothing melody such as the latest track from Ed Sheeran, Perfect. You just want to put your headphone on and straight away jam to the songs. Either you are on a road trip or simply lying down on your bed, music is all you need.

  1. Apart from that, the music lovers also love to have their favorite songs as ringtone assigned. You can assign the Ed Sheeran’s Perfect to your other half’s contact number or other songs for your squad. However, buying new ringtones every time new songs came up can be quite troublesome as it will cost you lots of money. Hence, all you have to do is find the web tools that can help such as the free online ringtone maker This web tool is definitely free for usage and you can create as many ringtones as you want without any fee or subscription. No registration or sign up required as well. Just head up to the web tool, upload your file of music in specific format stated, start choosing the part that you want to use as ringtone, listen to it until you are satisfied, then save it and download it to your device and set it as your ringtone! Easy!


  1. Next, music lovers need to get their avatar done so that they can set it as their avatar for the music profile such as on Spotify or Joex. These sites provide lots of songs that can be listened to and you need to create profile by setting up your name and profile picture. If you wanted to be the mystery guy everyone love to listen to his playlist, then you can use theavatarmaker.com  to create your avatar. There are multiple of choices of face, eye, and mouth shape with variety range of colors to set up the tone. You will love it. You can simply go to the web tool and start choosing your gender: female / male and straight away choose your face shape. There are more than 5 face shapes that can be chosen. The same goes to mouth shapes and the eyes shapes. You can even choose the skin tone and eyes colors of your avatar. The music lovers would love some avatar that represent their love for music and you can choose the background of your avatar by using the one related to music. This web tool will help a lot in getting more likes or followers on your social music profile. You can save the avatar to your device in JPEG, PNG and many more formats as well.


  1. Last but not least, don’t you need a cool header for your social music profile such as the quotes about music or simply the lyrics to your favorite songs? You can do it and still look cool by using some cool letters. Most of the cool letters software required you to download it and pay certain amount before you will be able to use it; however, the coolletters.com provides you free services of creating your own cool letters without any hidden charges or the needs for subscription or sign up. All you have to do is visit the web tool, choose the words that you want, start generating more than 100 choices of cool letters to be chosen from. It will make you go blind. You can even customize the sizes, colors and how the text should look like. There are also templates that can be chosen which will make your job easier as you only need to click customized and type in your words. Its that easy.


These 3 web tools  all music lovers will like to know will definitely change the music lovers perceptions on web tools forever. It is not lame and very cool indeed. You can use these three web tools to create a better and cooler music profiles and you can have your song lyrics written in cool letters! The mysterious music lover always have the avatar to cover their identity and always have a great ringtone which will change according to the trend. Hence, music lovers out there, it’s time to explore the web tools that will make you fall in love.

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