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Kyle – All Mine (Ft. MADEINTYO) (Review & Stream)

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Kyle links up with MADEINTYO for ‘All Mines’.

Kyle’s album might be one of the most colorful projects of the year…. I feel like you could take all of his releases, bunch them together, and you will have the perfect soundtrack to a Saved By The Bell movie. Anyway, this song has Kyle getting a little more aggressive in content, demonstratively letting us know that something is his (He doesn’t really mention anything about it being a girl, so I will assume he is referring to a box of Fruit loops – Which he can have, because I’m more of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy myself)

You would think that MADEINTYO’s brash demeanor would sound out of place for this song (you decide), but I think his hoppy style is perfect for it! Much like Kyle, the ATL rapper has a youthful sound that I think fits all these cherry ‘now and later’ ass instrumentals you hear.

Kyle and MADEINTYO should do what I do when you want your girl to know that she’s yours: Take a violent dump in her bathroom, and leave it without spraying air freshener!


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