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L.A. Leakers – Facetime (Ft. Wale, Eric Bellinger & AD) (Review & Stream)

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These n—az tried it! They want their girls to FaceTime them while they are in the shower. Dude, just watch a porno if you want to be that specific.

I love the vibes of this song, with Eric Bellinger giving us this very dynamic performance throughout it. Not only does he match the energy of the instrumental, but he also sets the tone for sickassness. (P.S. I want to know how they brainstormed the idea of this song in the studio).

AD and Wale play the rap sickos on this song, and surprisingly they are a lot more conventional with it than the R&B singer. Of course their idea of wooing women contains them talking about all the money they have, which surely will make a girl want to FaceTime someone while they are in the shower (Of course if they are showing money on the other end).

N—az want their girls to ‘FaceTime them in the shower’ without saying “please”….. We live in an oppressed country right now.


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