Snoop Dogg – Words Are Few (Ft. B. Shade) (Review & Stream)

The Boss Dogg gets all soulful and s–t on ‘Words Are Free’.

This s–t is smooth as f–k! The lyrics are atrocious, but I love it’s melody and vibes. I don’t know if Snoop was inspired by some old school Maxwell during its making,  but I believe this epiphany like sound for him works.

I like the fact that Snoop doesn’t stress a single note when he sings, he just goes as far as his vocal range can take him (Which is to the mailbox).

As expected, B. Shade is the real R&B artist on this song, and he completely takes it over after about three minutes. During his time, you feel like you went back to church, prompting me to put down this coffee I spiked with alcohol because he makes me feel like the Lord is watching.

Will we get a full R&B album out the Dogg? We shall see….


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