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Tank – Everything (Ft. Trey Songz & Ludacris) (Review & Stream)

Tank doesn’t only make music for the ladies anymore, he caters to the scumbags too these days!

Woah Tank, these are certified rap lyrics sir! Your lyrics are arrogant, they are blunt, and you’re even using that Migos flow that everyone else is using! I feel like I don’t even know you anymore….

This song is definitely up Trey Songz boulevard, so I’m not surprised that he sounds picture perfect on it. Trey fits, because he doesn’t care to be disrespectful to the women, especially since he’s been rocking that homeless guy hairstyle as of late.

In a rap world where everyone sounds the same, Ludacris still managed to use his rap flow from 2001 (Ahhhhhh). His verse is good, and explosive for sure.

I wonder if Tank can look himself in the mirror these days…..SMH.


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