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PARTYNEXTDOOR – Seven Days (Album Review)

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a minute: PARTYNEXTDOOR is a very talented R&B artist that has been underachieving lately. It seems like he has been dumbing down his sound, looking to cater to the simpleminded audiences out there. Whatever the case may be, PARTYNEXTDOOR has a lot to prove on his newest project called, ‘Seven Days’.



Is my Apple music continuously skipping or something? Am I listening to a f–kin’ CD right now? The beat is doing the same s–t my ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’ Nintendo cartridge from back in the day was doing!

I think this song is dope, minus that damn f–k up in the beat. What I like most about it, is that it is on some traditional R&B s–t, reminding me of something that Ginuwine would drop back in the day. Content-wise, PARTY boasts about being this bad influence on his girl, which I can’t tell if he likes or is disappointed in; nonetheless, he’s still pursuing her, knowing that she is in too deep with his persona.


How real is this s–t? “I liked you better when we were best friends” says the Canadian rapper. I love when PARTY talks to the real n—as out there that is dealing with petty relationship topics like this.

I’m just going to assume that PARTY is talking about someone in particular, cause I can actually feel the pain in his voice (Even though the song has some crank to it). Something tells me someone unfollowed someone on Instagram, sparking this verbal onslaught from PARTY.



All the anti-pop fans out there should close their ears on this one, because this is nothing short of bubblegum music.

What an adorable song by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Haisley! It almost sounds like ‘Too Good’ with Drake and Rihanna, but a lot more joyful. Both artists do their part to make it the perfect duet, pouring out their feelings like it’s Draino (awwww).

Doesn’t PARTY sound identical to Kanye West on this song? Like I had to do a triple check to see if he was featured on it. Anyway, I think music like this can expose PARTY to the White NFL owners of the world!



PARTY is simply amazing on this track! I never thought he was a bad singer, but I never thought he was as good a singer as he is on this song. I feel like he reaches so many vocal ranges on this track, really translating his emotions through singing well.

Something about Rick Ross’ style works on smooth tracks like these. I think it’s because the Boss has no problem spoiling his woman, treating her like Soo Young from Rush Hour 1.

I was in awe for majority of this track. Congrats PARTY!



Doesn’t the instrumental on ‘Never Played’ sound like something Travis Scott would spit on? Travis Scott is a weird n—a, so don’t poo poo that comment like it was nothing.

PARTY drops nothing but appealing lines on this one, using both rap flows and soulful lines. I feel like it’s one of his more complete records to date, as he was finally able to create that one track that has the potential to blow up in the clubs around the world.


1. BREAKDOWN (4.5/5)


3. DAMAGE (5/5)

4. BETTER MAN (5/5)

5. BEST FRIENDS (4.8/5)

6. RIGHT WAY (4.1/5)

7. LOVE ME AGAIN (4.5/5)




In my Will Smith voice from Bad Boys 1: NOW THAT’S HOW YOU DRIVE PARTY!

Listen, this little EP is so good that I officially feel confident in whatever PARTY decides to drop next. Even though the EP is only 7 tracks long, I feel like PARTY was able to successfully force his brand on the listeners while opening up his potential too.

With PARTY writing for some of the major artists in the game right now, his writing really shows its self off on this EP. I feel like every song, every line, and every syllable he dropped is meaningful, making this a candidate for best R&B project of 2017.

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