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Waka Flocka Flame – Circles (Ft. Derez Deshon) (Review & Stream)

I’m not feeling Waka Flocka as an artist these days, but I do admire his ability to stick with a vegan diet though.

This s–t sounds like some lonely club music in which the lights are flickering and you gotta pick your friend up from the ground from drinking too much.

Derez puts up an Grammy-like performance on the chorus, sounding like a poor man’s Tyrese. I like his part, but can definitely see how someone can find it annoying.

Waka keeps it real on this track, talking about how humble he stayed throughout the years. Despite the pop-like vibe of the song, Waka approaches the song with that same tenacity he brought when he first came out with ‘Oh Let’s Do it’.

This is the first Waka song I liked in a while.



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