Hip Hop

Shaquille O’Neal – Mans Not Hot (Review & Stream)

Shaq gotta be the most sensitive 7 footer in the history of human civilization.

Shaq’s raps aren’t horrible on this song, as he puts all the wannabe’s to shame with one tough ass verse. Even though his cockiness is annoying as s–t to me (Especially being a Wizards fan), he at least keeps me interested with his unnecessary anger (Angry black people are funny!).

Since the instrumental is kill-a-rapper-esque, ShaqisDope comes with some of his best lines on his verse. Even though I can give a s–t about the accomplishments he talks about, I do appreciate the fact that at least one of the rappers on this song can actually flow over the beat.

I truly believe Shaq thinks he is the second coming of Julius Caesar.



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