Blackbear – Bright Pink Tims (Ft. Cam’ron) (Review & Stream)

Cam’ron will probably be the first rapper to trademark a color. 

Blackbear is one cool ass white boy right? Over this chilling trap beat, he swag surfs through the song by singing with this care free demeanor that is pretty dope to listen to. By the end of his verse, you’ll find yourself thinking how cool it would be to spend a weekend rollin’ up with the brash singer.

Cam’ron dropped a really solid verse on this song, still showing off his ability to effectively switch his flow from fast to slow. Though his part isn’t as cool as Blackbear’s, he still gives the song that gritty feel that the beat craves.

My ex used to have bright pink Tims in high school…. And that is the main reason she is my ex.



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