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The Game – Oh I (Ft. Jeremih, Young Thug & Seven Streeter) (Review & Stream)

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The Game loves remixing songs that I used to hate as a kid….

I used to hate this Foxy Brown song as a young’n, but I love the way that the The Game flipped it here! On it, Jeremih sings this silky smooth hook, while The Game drops this highly explicit verse in which he brags to some unidentified woman about all the savage ass things he can do/did to her. While his verse contains both really good lyrics and a nice flow from him, the most impressive thing is that he refrained from name dropping.

Young Thug, Jeremih, and Seven Streeter mailed in their performances. I feel like features are supposed to bring energy to a track, but they all sound kinda dull to me on this song. My advice to The Game is to provide n—az with coffee whenever he gets people to come to his recording studio.



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