Bando Jones

Bando Jones – Stack It Up (Ft. Migos) (Review & Stream)

I’m not sure who Bando Jones is, but it looks like Migos at least f–ks with him.

Bando Jones sorta reminds me of a 2017 version of Lloyd when he sings, as he has that same boyish voice that made the former Murder Inc. star unique. Since I’ma major fan of Lloyd’s music, my eyes are officially wide open to Bando Jones now. Aside from the Lloyd comparisons, I also feel like Bando Jones was able to create this infectious tune with ‘Stack It Up’, showing his ability to style on a record like an artist that belongs. Confidence can take you a long way, and he made sure he took advantage of that  throughout this song.

Give Migos their credit; no matter the stature of the artist, they still approach songs with the same energy and flare. On this song, Offset and Quavo go back and forth on the second verse, both harmonizing their asses off over the amped up beat (For the most part). Their verse doesn’t make the song better, but it does give the song that stamp of approval that it needs.

Bando Jones got some talent bro! I might have to follow him on SoundCloud now.



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