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Migos – Motor Sport (Ft. Nicki Minaj & Cardi B) (Review & Stream)

I am just as excited as everyone else about this song, but can you imagine the amount of cake that is going to be on this music video though? Lawd Ham Mercy with asiago cheese! 

Migos has been affliated with Cardi B for some time now, so I am not surprised by her feature on this song. However, to put Nicki Minaj and Cardi B on a song together is a bit astonishing.

First things first, lets talk Migos: Their part is blah to me, as they drop your typical Migos lyrics in which they call us dorks and make those silly engine noises on their ad-libs. I do like how they setup the track nicely for the ladies though, giving them the perfect platform to spit some serious s–t.

Cardi B’s verse is pretty good on this song, as she gets all competitive for me (Oops I mean us). I feel like she has lots of noteworthy bars on her part, even referencing her relationship with Offset on it. Cardi B definitely won this song to me.

Nicki Minaj only raps to put people in their places these days, and this is one of those songs where that mentality actually fits. While I can dig her aggression, I think her punchlines are a bit weak.

The Chemistry on this song is really bad to me…. You know what, I’ll go ahead and say it: this song isn’t that good folks.


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