1997 Freestyle

G.H.S. – 1997 Freestyle (Review & Stream)

G.H.S., continues to hammer home major rap hits for us, showing this passion for his craft that is highly refreshing. With this ‘1997 Freestyle’, you get a chance to hear the reasons why G.H.S. is destined for success, as he drops these cold ass bars that reference everything he’s about, and what he’s trying to chase.

G.H.S.’s hunger really manifests itself in this song. Over the emotional beat, G.H.S. delivers these relentless raps that are filled with passionate punchlines and aggressive bars. You can hear the urgency in G.H.S’s voice with every line he drops, as he raps with this street approach that is 100% authentic.

I love how competitive G.H.S. is on this song, as he sounds protective of his stature in the game. He has no problem talking that gutter s–t on this record, showing no fear of failure, violence, or other MC’s. You can tell the Willow Grove artist put blood, sweat, and tears into his craft, so he refuses to let any distractions around him derail his path to success.

If you haven’t been put on to G.H.S., you are missing out on a legend in the making.



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