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Cyhi The Prince – Dat Side (Ft. Kanye West) (Review & Stream)

Who the f–k is CyHi’s management team? I feel like this dude should be top 10 in the game right now!

I knew a CyHi and Kanye collaboration would have a petty ass chorus like this! It’s still catchy though, as it has this bop to it that is very infectious. As for his verses, CyHi shows the world his wittiness once again,  as he talks that s–t through some very impressive punchlines.

This is such a Kanye West type song, so I expected him to kill it like he does here. I love how arrogant he sounds, but I love how well he rides the beat even more! Very good verse by the don!

I hope this song gets the love that it deserves. That’s no longer a guarantee with Kanye features anymore.


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