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Stalley – My Line (Ft. Migos) (Review & Stream)


This has to be one of the most random collaborations of 2017.

Stalley got a major endorsement from Migos here, which means lots of people that aren’t familiar with the Ohio rapper will get to see just how decent of a spitter he is. Despite the explosiveness that Migos brings to the track, Stalley approaches the song with his typical sly persona, never stressing a single bar. It’s a soothing verse to listen to, and one that will unfortunately be overshadowed.

How sure are we that this is actually 2017 Migos? I have a feeling that this is some 2015 s–t that was unreleased by them, mainly because there swag just seems a bit different on their raps. Nonetheless, they definitely provide the track with a very explosive performance, yelling and rapping like the barbarians they are.

This song is definitely hot.


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