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DRAM – Check Ya Fabrics (Ft. Rick Rubin) (Review & Stream)

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DRAM was clearly on the weeeeeeeedah when he created this song….

As much as I love DRAM and his unique ways, it is the smooth vibes of the Rick Rubin produced beat that is the star of the show here. The legendary producer created this gem that blooms in every type of way, taking full advantage of all the instruments that was in his arsenal. It is A+ beat-making to me, and one that you will consider practically timeless.

I feel like DRAM was playing around wayyyyyy too much on this song. For all of the song, the VA rapper distorts his voice, doing his best Alvin and The Chipmunks impersonation. His contributions have no structure, it just contains him yapping about a whole bunch of random stuff that no one cares about. He definitely wasted an excellent beat.

Ok DRAM, can you give us the real version of this song now?


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