Hip Hop

Trick Daddy & Trina – Paradise (Ft. Mike Smiff) (Review & Stream)

Holy s–t! Trick Daddy and Trina haven’t collaborated on a song since that ‘You Ain’t my baby daddy’ track in 96′! 

10 Min later:

Sorry guys, Stat boy has corrected me: The duo have collaborated on a song since 96, and they also weren’t the ones that made that ‘baby Daddy’ track. Well I’ll be damned!

I would’ve never guessed that this song would have more soul than ratchetness, but that’s exactly what you get here. Over this colorful instrumental, each Miami born rapper tells stories about the old days in their city, reminiscing like a bunch of old folks at a barbecue. I love the energy of the song, and actually find their raps to be pretty decent. (I am actually surprised by the latter)

This song makes me want to make a trip down to Miami! Not Memorial weekend though, that s–t was ratchet central that weekend.



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