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Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders – Only One (Review & Stream)

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You know what I love most about musical acts like Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders? They approach music in the purest form, opting to utilize the liveliness of their instruments, passionate lyrics, and fiery vocals to translate how they feel about certain subject matters. With ‘Only One’. the band shows us just how high octane they can be, as they release this electrifying tune about the beauties of having an ineluctable love.

The electricity attached to ‘Only One’ is something special. Laced with this spirited instrumental, Billy Roberts shines bright, delivering these vulnerable lyrics about the love he has for this special individual. Billy’s words on this song are exact, and the overall tone of his performance gives off this down to earth feel that is very relatable.

The cherry on the top occurs at the end of the song, as listeners are treated to some highly enjoyable guitar play for the last minute.  This adds to the songs joyous feel, and gives it this extra umph that listeners will certainly appreciate.

You can never have too much feel good Rock-N-Roll music like this in your world.



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