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Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders – Little Johnny (Review & Stream)


Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders released their 3rd album titled ‘Greenbah’, and it has plenty of explosive tunes that Rock & Roll fans will enjoy. However, for ‘Little Johnny’, the band decided to deliver a track that is primarily based on the blues. 

The versatility of Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders band is pretty evident when you listen to their music. Not only do they have an ability to make exuberant music like ‘Only One’, but they are also able to create soul clinching ones like ‘Little Johnny’. Accompanied by a dramatic instrumental, Billy Roberts lays down these numbing lyrics that paint a picture of both toughness and grit. Everything about the song is chilling, as Billy slowly lays down his words so they can soak in with the listeners.

This song is riveting, as Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders were able to create the perfect anthem for a cold-hearted individual.


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