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Jaden Smith – Falcon (Ft. Raury) (Review & Stream)

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I feel like Jaden Smith can be the poster boy for rebellious teenage rap music!

‘Falcon’ has a little bit of everything: Tough ass bars, lots of energy, soul, and baby Andre 3000!

Say what you want about Jaden Smith, but he sure does have great presence on whatever song he’s on. He spits like his words are the new gospel, and I’m sure that’s the reason that the Bella Thorne’s of the world love him. With the Hollywood-raised rapper instilling his artistic values whenever the beat asks for it, the end result is this wild song that has no boundaries or genres.

Who’s more Andre 3000: Raury or Amine? While ya’ll debate that, I’m bout to watch these Spurs vs. Mavericks highlights.

I listened to this song over three times, and I still can’t comprehend what I just heard…. When it comes to music, that indicates greatness!



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