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Rexx Life Raj – Forever Lit (Ft. G-Eazy) (Review & Stream)


Rexx Life Raj kills this track in every single way. My eyes are open young buck!

I really like the care free demeanor that Rexx Life raps with on this song! He doesn’t approach the track on some Reggae s–t or anything, but from some reason his contributions still have this Rastafarian feel to it. Aside from that, Rexx raps and sings pretty well, showcasing his star appeal.

Can I be honest with you real quick? Since Drake has been a bit M.I.A. as of late, I’ve been relying on G-Eazy to provide me with some Drizzy-Like verses. He succeeds on this song, blessing us with something that is cooler than the Fonz.

Rexx Life, I skipped rating your s–t in the past bro, but now you are officially on my radar!



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