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Dave East – Ain’t No N—a (Review & Stream)

I like Dave East rapping over classic rap s–t!

Over the classic ‘Ain’t No N—a’ instrumental, Dave East channels his inner playa, delivering these polished lyrics that are aimed to get the women feeling some type of way. He ain’t as sly as Jay was on the original, but he definitely holds his own.

Ms. Hustle (Who I’ve never heard of before) does a tremendous Foxy Brown impersonation, approaching her verse with the same aggression as the Brooklyn rapper.  Much like Dave, Ms. Hustle was able to keep the track feeling ‘so NY’ (like the dudes that made Playstation), bringing that pushy demeanor that you can hear all over the streets of New York City.

The back and forth in ‘Ain’t No N—a’ makes me want to date a hoodrat!




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