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Trav – Blow My High (Ft. Meek Mill) (Review & Stream)



Trav is prepping to release his ‘QRAK’ album in a few weeks, and with this new leak off of it, I’m sure he’s excited lots of his fans.

On ‘Blow My High’, the rapper sorta gets lost in the clouds, as he does lots of harmonizing about not having his high being blown. As expected, his singing is atrocious, but I give him an A for effort.

It looks like we may need to cherish every Meek Mill verse that we can. On this particular one, Mr. Temper Tantrum goes off, showing he can care less about his blood pressure. While it is a pretty good verse from him, I don’t think he fits the song at all.

Notice how he says ‘Please’ don’t kill my high…. If it was a buzz a n—a was tryna kill, there will be an a lot less nicer approach.



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