Yo Gotti, Khaled and Fabolous are all thankful for the snow on ‘3 Kings’.

‘3 Kings’ is Christmas influenced, as this is one of the lead singles for Roc Nations random ass Christmas album that is prepping to release. While this might not be the most holiest track to listen to, rap fans should appreciate the fact that thugs are willing to give us their Christmas tales.

I swear, Gotti makes so much money off of drugs that at this point he even gets benefits with his income. Anyway, on this song, does what he does best, making his grind/hustling ways sound catchy af!

Fabolous hasn’t lost a step at the tender age of 39. On this song, the Brooklyn rapper continues to drop some serious punchlines, riding the beat like the pro that he is.

I’m f–kin’ with it.